"Body Bagged"
Scott, Round 2 5th place finisher, had some good progress on his 1990 Chevy S10 Blazer, but building a house and sick Caddy pushed put the model build on the backburner.

"Twisted Envy"
Airbrushmaster started building a 1998 Dodge Dakota with a Dodge Challenger front end. Unfortunately, despite his late minute crunch-time efforts, he was unable to meet the deadline. We definitely like where this build was headed, and hope to see it competed!

Phillip was hoping to finish his build before the deadline, despite a wreck that put him in and out of the hospital. Unfortunately (but understandably), we never heard back from Phillip and have no pictures of what he was building.

We have no record that Twisted Fabrication started a Round 3 thread.

Dan was planning on building a 1999 Ford Lightning, but that's all we know!

We have no record that Jarod started his Round 3 thread for his Nissan Hardbody Kingcab build.

Nick threatened with 3 proposed scale model builds, but we didn't see progress on any of them!

Matt threatened the competition with a proposed 1995 F150 Lightning build, but the project must have fizzled before he started a thread.