Want to make it into the Magazine? Mini Truckin' is proud to present two awesome new opportunities for you to get involved TODAY through these two brand new contests.

Mini Truckin' Magazine and Street Source Magazine (SSM) have teamed up to bring you a cool new MT Lyfestyle section called "Build of the Month." Here's the deal - each month, Mini Truckin' and SSM will pick a winner to appear in this new Lyfestyle section. The winner will receive a 3-yr gold membership to SSM, and a year's subscription to Mini Truckin'. Sounds awesome!

What does it take to win? We need to see your project buildup, and to do this, we'll be using the forums. To qualify, you need to post all of your minitruck buildup threads in the new Mini Truckin' Magazine Forumsection on SSM, and you also need to post all of your minitruck buildup threads here on minitruckinweb in the "My Buildup" Forum. Clearly start and label a New Thread for your project minitruck, and update that same thread with new pictures, info, stories, etc. YOU NEED TO KEEP BOTH OF YOUR THREADS UPDATED! Why? Because that's what teaming up means!

Do you want to be a "Build of the Month" winner and see your truck in MT Lyfestyle? Get started now!

Sign up (email mike.alexander@sourceinterlink) by next Friday (9-26-08) for the MINI TRUCK SCALE MODEL BUILD CONTEST!
Once we get a final count A MASS email will go out to everyone with all the rules and details. The way it will work is that it must be an untouched mini truck model (meaning no mods done to it already) so it stays fair; 2 months will be the build time. You will have to post 3 weekly progress pictures (this will be one of the ways to keep it fair) in the "MINI TRUCK SCALE MODEL BUILDUP" Forum. Start a thread for your scale model's build, and post all pictures and updates in that same thread. All entries must have a separate thread! These must be GOOD high res jpegs that are NOT BLURRY! Your progress pictures will be one of the ways the contest is judged, so this will be very important! At the end, the models will all be judged like a show (points system) and the winner will receive a full feature in the magazine and a prize pack. It's going to be fun, so make sure to email before next Friday to sign up!!!