After sorting through the Model Build Contest Threads, we've gathered the best builds and grabbed a few pictures so you can see all the builds together. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 6, 2009. Be on the lookout for magazine coverage in the April 2009 and May 2009 Mini Truckin' issues.
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-hell yea man!!!

Ryan's hilux features a set of dubs, black o-rings airbags, a rag top, a turbo, functional drive shaft, right hand drive, and much more. We love his attention to detail in describing his build, right down to the Dupli Color spray paint code. Ryan is no stranger to these model builds, as his whole collection of scale model minis has been displayed in his thread.

kenneth sonnier "customforlife" 95 ford ranger build
-the ranger is sick i like how you kept the i beams they look really good
-its about the best suspension setup on here (builder's response) - thanks! yeah i wonted to keep the rear suspension as clean as posible even those it would be set up wrong if it was in real life. but o well

Unfortunately, time flew by too quickly for Kenneth, as December 1st found the Ranger still under construction. Although it "sucks I didn't finish it for the contest," he promised that he "will keep posting pics of it till it's finished though," and for that, we give him mad props. Be on the lookout for this Ranger's completion.

josh smiths FLOOR RUNNER 91 4runner model build
-man the reflection on the rims in the 3rd to last pic hurts my eyes! looks good, i really like the color on the rims
-WOW.. looks killer.. Paint looks good..
-very cool!!!
-nice!!! this thing's crazy!! totally creative, I'm diggin' it.

Josh Smith's second build of the contest just might be crazier than his first, which is the Sonoma. What is the key to being able to build two sick model trucks in two months? Josh spills the secret in four words: "I have no job." We wonder if Josh can make a living professionally building sick model trucks. Featuring a turbo Supra engine, roll cage, right hand drive, bones and fossils scattered around, a transformer-like appearance, and a periwinkle base with pink and purple pearl underwater flames/reef with fish and fossils, this build is an overwhelming underwater burst of creativity.

I didnt get in in time but still wanted to build - rayray22
-you're in, get going!
-bad a$$ sticker on the windshield

After getting a special "ok" from Alexander to be in the contest, we quit hearing from this builder by the end of October. This promising build must have been put on the backburner for other projects.

Nelson's (laid and sprayed) Lady Luck 1960 Chevy Fleetside
-what a sick build! bet others are hatin' ya for payin' a whopping $4 for this.

Although Nelson suffered a deep cut while building this classic Chevy, he pulled through to completion. With air bags to give this truck a low stance, and gloss black and metallic green paint, this Lady Luck tucks massive rim.

scotts { lindberg dragger } chevy s-10
-i can see the skulls just fine. looks great.
-like the red
-i do have to inquire. how did you tint the window?
-the dro setup is wicked man!!! lookin' badass

This father-daughter project features limo tint, a rag top, a custom hood, low stance, a '59 Impala dash, airbrushed skulls, and much more. Repping a club logo on the back window, this S-10 is one smooth truck.

Mademan's Built topic
-cool, can't wait to see the progress!
-great! hey any progress is great...the ruler under the truck is cracking me up

We wonder where this Canadian builder picked up the Nor Cal slang of "hella busy," but that's a different story. Unfortunately, we didn't get too many updates on this dime, which leads us to believe the builder really was hella busy.

josh smiths "nickel and dime" 94 gmc s-15
-cool. can't wait to see what direction you take this!
-looks killer

Saved from the trash by means of this contest, Josh Smith's stock floor body dropped Sonoma is covered in 12 colors of madness and has to be one of the wildest builds in this contest. Claiming that he's "in it ta win it," this wild 'Noma with a massive hood scoop and chop top will definitely be a player.

Trent Goodwin ''Perfect Nemisis" SONOMA / DAKOTA BUILD
-Trent.. KILLER.. Both builds are amazing
-that spike frame is sick, and unique
-nice work so far. looks good.
-your trucks are going to be freakin sweet

Trent undertook the building of two trucks for this contest. His first was a replica of Eric Saliba's Little Shop of Horror's Spike S-10, and it sure came out great! The second was a Dakota, and it too looks really clean. Trent did a great job posting progress of his builds, and successfully had both completed by the deadline. In between updates for his scale model builds, he included a slide show of the show he and his truck club had just put on. How he fit all this into such a short period of time, we don't know.

Matt C's "PNTYDRPR" 1:25 Scale Square Body S-10
-Dude, your real truck must be super SICCCCCCCCCCCCC! cause you definately nailed this one. Just one more thing for us S10, lover's to talk about.
-That interior is killer.. The khaki material looks right at home in there.
-you took this contest man. that thing is super clean and the detail is unreal

Sporting a custom back half, raised bed floor, body drop, '64 Impala dash, air ride suspension, and a crappy internet connection that forced MC to post from his girlfriend's computer, we applaud his spending "30 bucks for a model just to use the wheels." This truck is super clean and simply beautiful, complete with a studio photo shoot at end.

My Build(s) - Sarossa or 5710
-Gonna be a sic ride when it's finished! Keep up the progress man
-I always love your pictures and the truck is sick

Props to the Web Czar for taking fantastic pictures of his model build. Unfortunately, his business got in the way of completing his sick dime, but from what he has accomplished, we can tell it's a sick build. When completed, it will feature a Mustang supercharged motor, GTO dash, Pearl Blue paint, and more. We are looking forward to seeing more than just teaser pictures of this truck.

TagDragger's "Sickness" SSR
-dude that little trailer the ssr is on is badass.
-dang thats a hell of a boneyard.
-lookin' good! the lower the better right?

This long-time forum member decided to change things up and build an SSR. Unfortunately, a limited budget, limited time frame, internet woes, and things popping up that needed to be handled prevented the completion of this project.

Chris's 83 courier build (slamsonthedawgmaster)
-freakin' awesome, very unique!
-I love this truck, should be pretty sick!

Due to a 70+ hour work week and a parts delay, we didn't seen this Courier through to completion. From the builder: "I am realizing how much of a nightmare it is to be doing a 1:25th scale truck!..everything is alot smaller, and not too many other models are 1:25th anymore!! which means alot of custom fab because 1:24th parts don't fit right."

Michael Bales "s-tensive" 95 Chevy S-10
-the frame is dope so far.
-looks sikk so far
-i like the suicide doors
-this looks sick!! Love the door panel and the color. Wish it was a real truck
-WOW.. Looking great man..Just as impressive as your other builds.
-You've got the sicest,of the second gen.S10's by far. Good luck to ya'

This build is about 98% custom made. Simply put, this model is super clean, with nice pictures and good forum updates. We dig the display stand as well. Completed on time and sick from front to back, we expect this truck to be a player.