Here were the Round 4 Scale Model Build Contest Rules:

"The build dates will be from Monday, February 8 - Monday, May 10, 2010, which gives you three months to show us what you're made of!
You can build more than one model, but that just means you cut into your build time! Also, the group of models you build will be taken into consideration, if you build more than one. Please create seperate threads for each build. You can choose any size model you'd like, and all vehicles (cars, trucks, bikes, etc.) will be accepted this round. We are looking for creativity, craftsmanship, originality, and participation through the forums.
Go to the SCALE MODEL CONTEST FORUM section here in the forums of Create a New Thread titled in the following format: Your Name, Name of your build, vehicle type, and Round 4. For example:
Mike Alexander's "Dragged Daily" '93 Toyota Model Build - Round 4

Post the starting pics of your fresh model and anything else you want to show pics of. You can set up your forum thread before February 8, but must not start any progress until then! Remember, you can keep certain mods secret if you want. You guys can all post comments in each other's threads, BUT ALL YOUR UPDATES MUST BE POSTED IN YOUR OWN FORUM!!! The more organized you are, the more easily we all can track your progress.
YOU MUST POST PROGRESS PICS AND UPDATES EVERY SINGLE WEEK AT LEAST ONCE!!! But the more updates and good quality pics, the better your chances of winning, because not only is the winner picked on the final judging of the completed model, but a portion of points come from the updates and progress pics!!!
Please save your high res photos (the original pics from the camera, not resized internet photos) as part of the judging is based on the quality of the photos you take, and we just might need your high res photos! Check the settings on your camera to make sure you're taking the highest quality picture possible. What a shame to have a sick model build that can't be run in the magazine because of the quality of the photo! Think ahead!
There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th based off total points, just like a normal car show, and there will also be a couple specialty awards so get creative!!! We will also have a voting poll at the end so you can let us know what YOU think, just like last time!"

1. Luke Viner
2. Wes Salazar
3. Jake Fogle
4. Jeremy Wylie
5. Jeff Watson
Thank you to all of our Round 4 builders!

Jeff Watson (bluesonoma)

Jason Sprague (detailpro3)

Dodge Ram
V-10 Viper motor
Gloss black engine block
Intake, pumps and pulleys painted purple metallic
Stock cold air intake
Dash painted to match body
Wheels from a Nissan Skyline metal body kit
My daughter loved the color and now the truck sits in her room.
I had so much free time that I got it done early.
Thanks Mini Truckin

Wes Salazar (FrameDragger)

GMC Syclone
Wheels: 22 inch Fabulous MB-5's
Frame & suspension 100% scratchbuilt
Shaved: Everything including marker lights, custom molded front bumper, pass door suicide, cut both doors open, Frenched rear plate
Paint: Several coats of HOK Candy Apple red over grey base, DuPont Clear
Interior: All scratchbuilt except for dash, billet wheel, fiberglass console and door panels
Motor: Wired turbo V-6, machined valve covers