Rick Schwartz

This Drag Racing Dragger Datsun started with high hopes and fizzled as time went on. The secret stash of goodies that were planned for this truck never made it to the forums. We understand that life gets crazy and people get busy, so it's all good.

T-Jay Johnson
1982 Datsun 720

After this guy figured out how to follow rules and start his forum thread correctly, he wasted no time in starting his Datsun 720 build. Showing a great deal of detail in the hinge work, this Creative Model Builders Inc. (CMBI) club member knows his stuff when it comes to building models. Would we expect anything less from a Canadian? Unfortunately, we did not get final pictures and information on this build.

Jordan Swift
Toyota Hilux 4X4

While we are sure this Toyota Hilux model turned out great, we just don't know, as this Canadian Creative Model Builders Inc. member did not post very many pictures or updates on the build. We can only imagine...

Doug Tilley
1984 Chevrolet Dually

This '84 Chevy Dually would have been an awesome build to see completed, but unfortunately, that did not happen, at least from what we can tell. This was definitely a unique build, though!

Chris Lewis
1970's Ford F150

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, this builder wasn't able to finish this '70's Ford F150. Can you imagine how this would look completed?

Garret Cobbs
1999 Chevy Silverado

Get this - this builder's model was stolen, along with his REAL truck! Can you believe that! Unfortunately, we never saw any pictures of the original build. Amazingly, on April 28th, he got a new model and was going to try to pull off another build! Props to this guy for trying. We are sorry to hear what happened.

Bill Edman, Jr.
1970's Datsun

Unfortunately, all we have from this 70's Datsun build is a pile of parts. Hopefully this builder will join us for Round 3!

Dexter Bostic
1994 Chevy S10

This '94 Dime started out strong, but progress slowed when disaster struck: "DRAGULA Dime Project kicked my ass today and I Got 8 Sitches lol cut my finger right down the top and inch deep but no blood on the truck thank God lol." Do we need to remind everyone to be careful? We generally don't condone wounds, but hey... at least he didn't get any blood on the truck. Too bad we don't have any completed pictures of the build!

Ryan Blanchard
1999 Chevy Silverado

Although we haven't gotten a good look at the '99 Silverado, we can only assume that it was a sick build!

Melisa Harper
1991 Toyota 4Runner

Melisa, competing in Round 2 with her 1991 Toyota 4Runner against her husband, unfortunately fell victim to pneumonia and hasn't been seen since. Boys, you lucked out - this time.

Mike Derichsweiler
1989 Chevy S10 Dually

This builder is in the progress of constructing a 4-door dually '89 S10. Although it was clear he was in it to win, the last we heard from him was "Not sure if I will finish....but we will see..." We hope he continues to show us how this truck is turning out!

Remington Box
1993 Ford Explorer

After a few great pictures, this build suddenly fell off the charts, and where it stands right now, we don't know! The few pictures that were posted looked clean and promising, and it would be nice to see this Explorer finished someday!

Brett Banks
1999 Chevy Silverado

We only got to see one picture of this build, which is a shame, because it looked to be turning out great! Maybe we'll see more in Round 3.

Bernie Harper
1992 Toyota Hilux

This builder bailed on the project when he picked up a couple of real-life trucks to work on. How dare he! Wait a minute - that's totally a legit, great excuse. We can hardly get mad at him for that!

Rob Wright
Chevy S10

Although we did not get to see too many build photos, we have to say that a past S10 model truck that he posted really did look like a real truck. Too bad his Round 2 project didn't seem to make it to that stage!

David Irwin
1908's Ford F150

This guy typed a majority of his thread in caps, BUT HE WASN'T YELLING, IT JUST SEEMED THAT WAY. Although his mix breed build of several kits started out strong, posts became sparse as the arrival of his twins got closer. Can we blame him? No. We're sure he'll return to this "Inbreeder" truck someday soon.

Robert Raymond
1994 Chevy S10
Toyota Hilux

This builder had two trucks lined up, but neither saw completion. Apparently he is a government contracted guard. What that is, I'm not sure, but it sounds way more important than building models. We are looking forward to see what he does for Round 3.

Dan Bunker
1999 Chevy Silverado

Unfortunately, this builder "wasnt paying attention to the end date of the model build so i didnt get done." That's a shame, because we like where it was headed! I hate it when deadlines sneak up on you!

Kevin Mead
1995 GMC Sonoma
1972 Chevy C10
1955 Chevy Cameo Pickup

Although three trucks were started, none have completed build pictures up. We hope he decided to finish them anyway!