Vital Stats
Name: Vanessa Graw
Born: Washington
Hometown: San Diego
Age: 25
Hair: Blonde and brown
Eyes: Hazel
Ethnicity: Spanish and German
Married/single: Happily taken
Occupation: Scientist
Turn-ons: No traffic, good music, and candy.
Turn-offs: Camera traffic lights, flat soda, and bad breath.
Favorite food: Everything in sight.
Favorite color: Pink and Black.
Favorite music: Punk, Rap, and Country.
Favorite books: "The Lecture" by Randy Paush.
Favorite movies: Dumb & Dumber, Wedding Crashers, Anchor Man, Fight Club, Bad Santa, Crash, Borat, Oceans 11, all of the Saws, Old School, Superbad, and Running Scared.
Favorite thing in the world: My phone, lol.
Dream vacation: Trip to Switzerland.
Personal ride: BMW.
Dream car: Aston Martin.
Ambitions: To grace the pages of Maxim magazine and to do more stuff on the big screen, it's fun!
Shout-outs: Thanks Mini Truckin'!
Website: No site, but how's about the space;

What do you like about modeling? It's fun, the traveling is one of the best parts and being able to work with some of your best girlfriends, it's all a great experience.

If you weren't modeling, what do you think you would be doing? Being a crazy cut and sew fashion designer.

What do you do for fun? Shop, watch movies, drink at hole in the wall bars, snowboard, ride quads, stuff my face with food and pretty much anything fun.

Do you have any interesting hobbies? Yep Summer and I toodle around town wearing these amazing banana suits, haha.

How do you stay in shape? Twinkie curls.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Probably to Japan to get all the new age stuff before it reaches the states.

What is your daily routine like? Each day is different.

Vital Stats
Name: Summer Sabers
Born: Mission Viejo, CA
Hometown: San Clemente, CA
Age: 22
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green/blue
Ethnicity: Russian, Italian, and Swedish, just to name a few.
Married/single: Single but taken at the same time, lol.
Occupation: Model, but I hate saying that because it sounds so cocky haha.
Turn-ons: Nice hands, humor, nice teeth, eyes, ambition, loyalty, I could go on and on.
Turn-offs: Cockiness, the bad kind, bad breathe, and hairy butts haha.
Favorite food: I love it all, but on top would have to be Sushi.
Favorite color: Teal, black, and green.
Favorite music: Punk Rock and Hip Hop.
Favorite magazines: The only mags I really look at are the gay celebrity ones when I'm flying somewhere, they crack me up on how stupid that crap really is.
Favorite movies: Dumb & Dumber, Step Brothers, Three Amigos, Anchorman, Old School, and My Best Friend's Girl.
Favorite thing in the world: Sleep and food haha, and laying on the beach in the sun!
Dream vacation: Probably a fun vacation somewhere like Australia.
Personal ride: Aston Martin Vanquish, haha I wish! I roll a little 6G Coupe.
Dream car: What do you think? See above lol.
Shout-outs: Are we on a radio station? Haha, um ok, I give a shout out to everyone that was at the shoot, awesome job guys!

What do you like about modeling? Meeting so many different people, some are fake, but there's good people as well!

What are your most memorable modeling experiences? Most memorable would have to be working for Rockstar Energy Drink and flying all over with the best of friends.

What do you do for fun? I like to take my doggies to the beach or on walks. Haha I also have fun working.

Do you have any interesting hobbies? Does having a banana suit count?

What is your daily routine like? Well, let's see, get up around nine, unless I'm working then it varies. Take the dogs to go potty outside, shave my mustache and hairy knuckles haha j/k, eat breakfast, run errands, play with the doggies for a bit, Lunch, watch TV, then more food haha then catch some zs, but it totally varies depending on work and where I'm at.