Instead of looking for girls who simply posed in front of their boyfriends' trucks or random trucks, we were looking for real-life, hardcore, switch-hittin', mini truckin' chicks. In addition to allowing the small community of girl minitruckers to find each other, it also gave them the chance to be the "girly" model for their very own truck. Voting took place online at our website, for the three-month period between October 1, 2007 and January 4, 2008. The votes are in and Kim Shivers came out on top! So here's a look at our winner as promised, and be sure to check out the Hottest Combo page as it continues to be a huge hit on

Up Close with Kim Shivers
Name: Kimberly Shivers
Hometown: Plant City, Florida
Age: 23
Personal Ride: '00 Ford Expedition two-toned Raspbery Mist Metallic and Black with ghost Playboy bunnies
Turn-ons: Hot Rides
Turn-offs: Arrogant People
Favorite Color: Pink of course
Favorite Music: Rock/Hip Hop
Favorite Books/Magazines: Mini Truckin', and Playboy but only for the articles
Favorite Thing in the world: Traveling to truck shows
Ambitions: Make my Expedition a show-only truck instead of my everyday driver
Goals/Future accomplishments? I want to go to school to learn paint and body and have some of my work featured in Mini Truckin'
Do you have any interesting hobbies? I love to ride my '07 ZX6R