For this Ladies of Mini Truckin' special issue we put together an extended Ridin' Around featuring chicks with their trucks.

Each one of these trucks is owned by the lady pictured with it, and they take just as much pride in working on their own rides as the guys do. There was a ton of response when we sent out the request for pictures and info from ladies who own and love custom trucks but unfortunately many of the pics submitted were too low of resolution (internet photos WILL NOT work for print), so check out for extended coverage.

Monster Chick
Owner: Laurie Hart
Ride: '84 Toyota 4x4
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Club: Peer Pressure
Specs: 13-inch Trailmaster lift, 39.5 Mickey Thompson Bajas on 15x12 Alcoas, Chevy 350 w/turbo 350 transmission, Jetcoated TCK Snugfit headers and B&M ratchet shifter w/reverse lockout, shaved gas door, back cab wall, and front bedwall, smoothed and shortened frame, dual sunroofs, custom interior and gauges.
Misc.: Purchased stock in '93, all mods took place at home, found in March '95 Street Scene and February '08 Monster Minis Mini Truckin' Magazine with assorted show coverage pictures throughout the years.

Phat Dime
Owner: Nicole England
Ride: '86 GMC S15
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Specs: `Bagged, four-link, CanDo Specialties Cal Combo Skin, Form and Function Control Arms, 20/22 VCT Scarface Wheels With Nitto Tires, two 15-inch Crossfire subwoofers,
Misc.: Nicole started working on the truck in late '05. The work was done by Jake at Phat Phabrikations in Oklahoma City. He helped make Nicole's dream come true in owning a minitruck she can be proud of. Nicole would also like to thank her Mom and Dad who dealt with her saving money for her truck instead of more girly stuff. Nicole said that was also a big help, and most importantly thanks to Mini Truckin' for all the information you guys have in the magazine, it's a huge help and source of inspiration!

Draggin' Down Under
Owner: Donna Borg
Ride: '92 Holden Rodeo (Isuzu Pickup)
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Specs: 'Bagged at all four corners laying full rail front to back on 20-inch rims, shaved doors, shaved fuel filler, shaved hood squirters, custom tailgate skin, full smooth and painted dash, retrimmed seats, and big stereo system.
Misc.: Donna rakes in the trophies at many Australian truck shows, and is proof that chicks around the world can build some cool rides.

Dropt Out
Owner: Amy Ayers
Ride: '69 Chevy C-10
Location: Dellroy, Ohio
Specs: SBC 350, Edelbrock Intake, Holley 750 4-barrel carb, roller rockers, forward exiting exhuast, chrome valve covers, air cleaner, and timing chain cover, three-inch drop spindles, Airlift 2500-pound 'bags, 3/8 SMC valves, modified control arms, C-notch, 2600-pound Airlift 'bags, chrome five-gallon airtank, two Viair 480s, 1960 C-10 bench seat, and of course a Mexican blanket for comfort.
Misc.: Not exactly a minitruck, but cool none the less!

Mary Jane
Owner: Yolanda Ferraro
Ride: '97 Nissan Hardbody Queencab (it's not all about the guys ya know)
Location: Tampa, Florida
Specs: 'Bagged on 18-inch Eagle Alloys, drop spindles up front and a triangulated four-link in the rear. Gas tank, airtank and AZ compressor are mounted under the bed, billet grille and bumper inserts with 4x4 fenders up front and a smooth roll pan in the back. Shaved door handles, third brake light, cowl, hood squirters, gas tank door, tailgate, and has a recessed tag pocket. Custom speaker box with two Kicker comp 10-inch subs running off of a Phoenix Gold ZX600 and Polk Audio midrange and highs in the doors.
Misc.: Although Yolanda bought the truck 'bagged, her and her husband have completely redone the suspension and performed all of the bodywork on Mary Jane. They're currently in the process of completing her with new paint, interior and a body-drop. With three kids and an entire minitruckin' family, Yolanda is one awesome minitruckin' Mom!

Suicidal Girl
Owner: Abriana Bookout
Ride: '98 GMC Sonoma
Location: Bakersfield, California
Specs: 'Bagged and lays frame on 20s, fully shaved (door handles, tailgate handle, taillights, third brake light, antenna, hood squirters, and roll pan) suicide doors, full graphics, flush mount LED taillights, and black and blue suede interior.
Misc.: With such a cool truck, you better not hate if Abriana rolls up and shows you up on the show fields.

Owner: Sandra Hebert
Ride: '68 Chevy C-10
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Specs: Sandra has shaved everything and installed a 425 horse Edelbrock motor plus nitrous. So far she's done all the mods herself but will bring in some help for the full chassis build and suspension work.
Misc.: Again, not exactly a minitruck, but no one can deny the cool factor of seeing a chick pickup the welder and work on her own ride!