VITAL STATS Name: Julie Denise Henderson

Height: 5'3"

Ethnicity: German, American Indian, and Welsh

Born in: Long Beach, California

Resides in: Tyler, Texas

Personal Ride: I drive a '99 Mercedes 500Sl that is lowered on 19-inch Carlson wheels. I also have a Cadillac Escalade that's on 20s.

MT: Most exotic place you've ever been?

Jamie: Hawaii and Cozumel in Mexico -- Cozumel is the prettiest place I've been to.

MT: What do you think about the truck you just photographed with?

Jamie: My husband, Mitch, knows Aaron pretty well, but I just met him. He's a really nice guy with a wacky club to back him up. I'd like to buy that truck from him -- I love it.

Other jobs: I'm in the antique business, but I'm also a seamstress; I design clothes for children. I also do some interior decorating. Favorite pastimes: Working out, weight training, singing, sewing, and going to hockey games

Turn-offs: Arrogance is the biggest pet peeve for me, but I also can't stand liars, thieves, or hypocrites.

Turn-ons: I like someone with a good personality and a muscular fit. A fit man in a uniform or business suit is definitely a turn-on.

Past photo credits: I modeled for a truck accessories shop and some local Dallas magazines and sporting events, but never for any magazines before.