Height: 5'6"

Age: 22

Dimensions: 34-24-34

Born in: Covina, California

Ethnicity: English/Irish/German/Cherokee

MT: So, I bet you never thought I'd be doing your interview. Lance and Mike borrowed me from Truckin' because they know that you and I go way back.

Candace: Hey, Jeremy. You're going to ask me a bunch of questions you already know the answers to, aren't you?

MT: Yup! How did you like the cover shoot? The whole school girl thing you had goin' was pretty hot.

Candace: It was fun; Doug's Blazer was awesome. I've never seen graphics that change colors before, and the interior was incredible. Doug and his Dad were really nice, too. MT: Yeah, they're pretty cool. I'm also writing the feature on Kent's (Doug's Dad) dualie for Truckin'. These guys build awesome stuff. So, what did you think of the crossing guard? You were diggin' him, weren't you?

Candace: (laughing) Actually, he really bothered me and made me uncomfortable. But it was fun spanking you, um, I mean, him with the stop sign.

MT: I think that shot's goin' on the Web site. So tell all of your new fans where else they can see you.

Candace: I'm featured as a Hawaiian Tropics model in the upcoming movies Van Wilder and Who's Your Daddy, and I'm in three different episodes of The Man Show, and also on Win Ben Stein's Money. I'm also in a few videos, and I'm in the Glamour Caddy ads because I'm a trained professional caddy.

MT: That's so cool. I've got a big bachelor party/golf tournament next weekend. Am I hooked up?

Candace: Of course you are. It gets pretty expensive with that many people though.

MT: I don't know if it's worth it. All we do is get sideways and crash golf carts and hit balls out of bounds.

Candace: And it's our job to find your balls. (turns red) Golf balls. I said golf balls! You won't print that, right?

MT: Of course not. So, other than that, what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you in public?

Candace: Probably the Girls Gone Wild commercial. It's not what you think. My friend and I were at the sandbar in Havasu and were looking for another friend's boat so we went up on a houseboat. All of these people were screaming and waving, so we waved back. Then we realized that there was a girl 10 feet away putting on a full-on show. We got out of there, but sure enough, a couple months later; there I am on the commercial, smiling and waving like the camera was 5 feet away from me.

MT: No way. That happened to us, too. In one of those videos the camera pans way away from some chick, straight to my buddy's boat. OK, we are almost out of time. Tell us the details about your truck and where you are going to school.

Candace: I drive a '93 Toyota Xtracab 4x4 with a 4-inch lift and 33-inch Mud Terrains on Alcoas. I'm starting my senior year at Cal Poly Pomona as a Business-to-Business Marketing major.

MT: Wow, not bad. So how does a mini-trucker attract an educated, sweet truck-drivin' hottie such as yourself?

Candace: Well, it helps to have a truck like Doug's, but guys mostly just need to play it cool. Be like, "Hey, check out me and my friends having a great time." If guys think that, they will seem like more fun and exciting to hang out with.

MT: People do need to remember to have fun.

Candace: That's the golden rule. Being well traveled is also turn-on.

MT: That's perfect. Well, we're out of time, but it's been a pleasure, Candace.

Candace: Thanks, Jeremy. Send my thanks to Lance and Mike -- and all the mini-truckers out there, too.