I patiently waited outside the studio where we would be shooting this month's cover truck for Linda O 'Neil. She arrived in a new Chrysler Sebring Jxi convertible with the top down.

From her entrance, I instantly decided that this was a girl who knew how to have fun. After getting the introductions out of the way and talking about the usual stuff, I hit her with the important questions. Here is what she had to say.

MT: I heard you just appeared on the T.V. show Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Linda: Yes, they made a mold of my bust. It was fun.

MT: Wow! What was that like? Did it itch?

Linda: No, it didn't itch at all. They put this stuff on me that smelled like cake batter and as it dried, it got all warm. It felt really good.

MT: (laughing) I'll bet. Have you ever done a cover for a truck magazine before?

Linda: No. I've done a bunch of calendars, fitness magazines, and some movies.

MT: Where are you from?

Linda: I was born in Chicago, but I was an Air Force brat so I have lived all over. L.A. is my home now.

MT: Do you have a Web site you'd like us to pop for you in the magazine?

Linda: Yes, it's www.lindaoneil.com.

MT: Thanks for talking with me, and good luck with the cover shoot.

Linda: Thank you.