Red Remembrance 14

Nick Fox built this slick '00 Sonoma to honor the loss of a longtime family friend. After years without an owner, the truck finally landed in the right hands.

The Mad Caddies 24
Filmmaker and Volkswagen freak boy, David Milan, has two VW Caddies in his possession, and he drives them both. Both trucks share the same name badge but are two totally different creatures.

Straight Outta SoCal 34
Known to many as the "hip-hop truck," Chris Caruso's longtime project truck is finally cruising the streets it was inspired by.

When All Else Fails 44
Curtis Hagemeyer decided to do something he'd never thought of doing before in order to have a badass, complete truck.


Flattened Ford 40

We've been itching to get in the garage and static drop some trucks, so this month we start with this '09 Ranger. With an independent control setup, dropping this newer style Ford was a cakewalk.

Daily Blazin' 50
Next up to bat on this static suspension doubleheader is a two-door '00 Blazer. It pulls every day driving duties, and hauls stuff around, but it was just too damn tall for our liking. Luckily, we had a simple remedy for that problem.


Show Off Showdown 20

In only its second year, this show, thrown by the Twisted Koncepts crew, is starting to make quite a name for itself in Minnesota. If killer rides and a good time is what you're after, look no further!

Summer Showdown 38
Yep, another show with the name "showdown" in it, but whatever. This 7th annual affair in the state of Georgia keeps getting better and hotter with each passing year.

Spring Fling 48
It's never too late in the year to think about spring break, especially the GIRLS of spring break! Pack some suntan oil and a family-size bottle of Excedrin, fellas, we're headed to Panama City Beach!

Special Section

Inner View 28

This month's journey takes us just outside of Philly in Media, Pennsylvania. There, we dropped in on Brad Fab Industries to see what they were up to. Apparently, they're always knee-deep in cool crap.

Centerspread Poster 32
Pull it and spread it out.

Lyfestyle 58
Just a bunch of minitruckers doing minitrucker stuff.


Post No Bills 7

Off Beat 8

Mini Market 9

Construction Zone 10

Ridin' Around 54

Upcoming Events 57

MT Originals 60

Maximized 61

Graffiti 62

On the Cover:
Chris Caruso's '98 Tacoma is a representation of a time when self-expression ruled the streets, and the world around him. Photo by John Mata Jr.