El Stocko Taco 16

This truck is pretty much a stock '11 Toyota Tacoma, except for the 'bags, and the bodydrop, and the 22s.

No Compromise 28
Samantha Penwell wanted her own minitruck, so she got one. This story is proof positive that chicks can drag just as hard as boys can.

Blood Orange Ford 34
This '89 Ford Ranger truly is a succulent fruit. Travis Dennison first started tweaking with the truck 15 years ago, and now it graces our cover.

Gold Digger 44
Bobby Leek had to dig long and deep in order to mine the precious metal that had been lurking beneath the surface of this '04 Chevy Colorado.

The Silver Surfer 50
The story of Esteban Vazquez's '94 S-10 is one that we can all relate too. Well, that is if you've ever had to build a truck on a high school scrub's budget.


Better Backward Vision 30

While driving, vision is everything, and mirrors serve as the eyes in the back of your head.

Frame Game: Overtime 54
During the process of creating a scratch-built frame for our project Chevy LUV, a few problems reared their ugly heads. No worries, we got this.


Scrapin' The Coast 22

The location: Biloxi, Mississippi. The objective: To throw the craziest custom show on the Gulf Coast. Mission accomplished.

Last Resort 38
Every year, late in October, Jennings, Louisiana, becomes the meeting grounds for minitruckers who want to experience a three-day truck run before the winter weather arrives.

Drop 'Em Wear's First Fourth Annual Car Show 48
Yeah, the name may boggle your brain a bit, but weird name aside; it really is a beast of a good time.

Special Section

The Best Way To Blow $100 14

We're pretending that we actually have money in our pockets and are heading out on a make believe C-Note shopping spree, and you're invited!

Centerspread Poster 32
Pull it and paste it, homeboy/homegirl!

Inner View 40
This month, we take a look inside the inner workings of KC Auto Worx, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Lyfestyle 56
Just a bunch of minitruckers doing minitrucker stuff.


Post No Bills 9

Off Beat 10

Mini Market 11

Construction Zone 12

MT Originals 58

Upcoming Events 59

Ridin' Around 60

Maximized 61

Graffiti 62

On The Cover:
Travis Dennison's Ford Ranger is top shelf hooch for sure. From the 5.0L engine, killer interior, and classic styling, it's been built to kill for years to come. Photo by John Mata Jr.