Well Done 20

Like a forgotten piece of meat on the grill, the Spike Truck, as it was known as, caught fire and went up in a blaze of glory. Well, it's back, and it doesn't have a juicy pink center.

Texas Paid, Cajun Made 34
The world's first full-custom third-gen Dodge Dakota is here. Roger Lomas is the owner, and Dusty Briley is the proud creator, and they've both been through hell to get to this point.

Hell On The Highway 40
John Miller bought this 4Runner to drive, which gets him to shows, which allows him to crack open a few cold ones with his buds. Now that's living the good life.

Mighty Low 48
Matthew "Daytona Matt" Davis pops major pink with his '94 Mitsu Mighty Max.


Auto Art 101 28

Kick back and learn a few pinstriping and lettering pointers for your own project at home. Grab some 1 Shot and some brushes already. Let's get painting!


Forbidden Fantasy 24

The So Cal classic is back, but this year FFF put together a two-day show.

Show Off Showdown 44
We love seeing first-year shows pop up. The folks in Minnesota now have a hometown show they can call their own.

Sparks In The Ozarks 46
This three-day Missouri show continues to be a regional favorite.

Special Section

Centerspread Poster 32

Tear this bad mother out. Get some.

Inner View 38
Take a behind-the-scenes look into Belltech's North American headquarters.

Thread Count 52
Check out these cool shirts, hats, and accessories you'll want to be rockin' this summer!

Lyfestyle 54
Hooters girls, tattoos, grand theft auto, and prison mail ... doesn't get much better than this.


Post No Bills 10

Off Beat 12

Mini Market 14

Construction Zone 16

Upcoming Events 56

Ridin' Around 58

Maxamized 60

Graffiti 62

On The Cover:
It's been a long, pothole plagued road, but this Dakota has finally made it to the MT cover. Photo by John Mata Jr.