Brat on Board 18

Instead of putting his 1st-gen Blazer on the back burner after his first rugrat was born, Jeremy Harting did what any brilliant man would do: He rushed to finish it before the little moneygrubber was born.

Better Off Bussin' 24
Art Gomez of GO-EZ Customs found this former military shuttle bus and turned it into one funky street bomber.

XChanged 34
Our cover truck this month is Bobby Moore's '95 Toyota Tacoma that is just dripping with clean, hot-rod style. This is definitely a gentleman's minitruck.

Endangered Ranger 44
This '95 Ford is one tough truck to track down. It doesn't make it out to too many shows... hell, the last time we saw it was back in '08. Check it out before it vanishes yet again.

Humble Hardbody 54
Big Rob built his Nissan based on his personal taste and preferences, and he isn't out to chase trophies. Big Rob keeps it real-really, really real.


The Secret Society of Sweet Garage Technique Users 50

Max Fish of Bio Kustumz put together a great list of fabrication tips for you to use at home. Welcome to the SSSGTU.


Scr8pfest 22

The infamous event organized by the Pebble Pushers crew is back again!

East Coast Cruise 28
The ECC is Australia's premier minitruck show, and we give you an inside look at the people behind the event. Be warned, you'll want to book a flight to the Land Down Under as soon as you read this story.

C.H.O.C. Cruise 42
Sponsored by MT, the C.H.O.C. Cruise is now in its 12th year of bringing a little extra joy to the kids at the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Summer Madness 46
Bakersfield, California, is known for its rich agriculture, excessive heat, and the annual Summer Madness truck show.

Special Section

Centerspread Poster 32

Rip it out and paste it up, sucka!

Inner View 38
The fellas at MetalWorx Inc. open their doors and hearts to us for an interview too good to miss.

Lyfestyle 60
Hand-drawn renderings? Check. Minitruck tattoos? Check. Tales of woe and anguish? Yep, those are here too.


Post No Bills 9

Off Beat 12

Mini Market 14

Construction Zone 16

Upcoming Events 56

Ridin' Around 58

Graffiti 62

On The Cover:
The East/West Connection has been made, and Bobby Moore's American hot-rod-inspired Toyota is the link. Photo by Johnny O.