Basics to Blazing 16

Jayden Hindall learned a lot while building his '86 Chevy Blazer. "Work smarter not harder" is definitely a lesson he took away from the process.

Death Machine 24
Wes "Wolfgang" McCrea enjoys living life on the edge. One look at his death trap of a Datsun 620 proves this fact.

The Aftermath 34
Debbie Balusek's elegant '00 Toyota Tacoma is a direct product of never surrendering to life's disappointments.

Ironsled 40
Richard Lopez is an ironworker, which is where he got the name for his '92 Hardbody. Even though the truck is feature-worthy, he swears the best is yet to come.

Patiently Pounding 46
Will Plummer finished this 4Runner 10 years ago, and not much has changed since then. He's had his truck shot numerous times but has never broken into print until now.


West Coast Nationals 20

All hail the weekend-long river run!

Scrapin' the Smokies 26
In its fifth year running, STS makes another impact on the minitruckin' scene in North Carolina.

Slammin' & Jammin' 30
Knoxville, Tennessee, saw an invasion of minitrucks for this show.

Battle Drag 38
This three-day Texas show featured live bands, a DJ, and row after row of killer customs of all kinds.


Inner View 28

This month, we ventured out to Douds, Iowa, to catch up with the small crew at Laodies Kustomz. Get ready for an absolutely stimulating Q&A session.

Centerspread Poster 32
Yep, another addition to the collection of good things you've got hanging on your walls.

SEMA '11: The Goods 44
As always, SEMA never disappoints when it comes to displaying the freshest tools, parts, and gadgets. Check out the list of goods we'd like to bag.

Lyfestyle 56
You know the deal-minitruckers, art, and ink.


Post No Bills 9

Off Beat 10

Mini Market 12

Construction Zone 14

Upcoming Events 50

Ridin' Around 52

Maximized 54

Graffiti 59

On The Cover:
This rundown old building was used in the '03 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sh*t yeah! Photo by Jason "Pugz" Walker.