Lil' Blue Bastard 16

Daniel Callahan admits that S-10s are a dime a dozen, but his is clean, simple, and has been built to tear up the highway.

The Lo Lux 22
Empire Fabrication's '70 Toyota Hilux has been chopped down to the bare minimum and definitely puts the "mini" in minitruck.

Down for Life 28
This '92 Ranger belongs to Phil Fowler, a lifelong minitrucker hailing from the East Coast who has spent an entire decade prepping it for this moment.

The Evolution 34
The second Ranger on our cover this month belongs to Tommy Pearson, a man who slowly built his stock '99 Ford into a mini fit to burn the competition on the streets as well as at the show.

King of Clean 52
Keith Thompson needed to build a truck to rep his shop. This Nissan 720 was selected as the representative, and it was built with a "less is more" approach.


Nose Job 48

Bored of the looks of our 2nd-gen S-10's front end, we called on LMC to help us change things up a bit.

Dream Beams 50
High-end, luxury HID lighting in minutes.


Sittin' Pretti Summer Slam 20

Taking place outside of Seattle, Summer Slam defended its title of Show of the Year 2010.

Slamily Reunion 42
This is year #3 for Slamily, and for the third consecutive year, it has continued to grow in size.

Down to Earth Day 46
Put on by the Down to Earth crew, this event in California's Central Valley remains a heavy hitter on the West Coast circuit.

Special Section

Inner View 24

We sat down and talked to Dick DeLoach, editor and publisher of Mini Truck News-an all-mini newspaper started up in 1986. Old-school minitruckers, prepare for a flashback!

Centerspread Poster 32
Playboy has the centerfold, and Mini Truckin' has the centerspread.

Holiday Must-Haves 40
Treat yourself right this year by scoring some killer gear and accessories.

Lyfestyle 56
Get your fill of amazing renderings and minitruck ink.


Post No Bills 9

Off Beat 10

Mini Market 12

Construction Zone 14

Upcoming Events 58

Ridin' Around 60

Graffiti 62

On The Cover:
Henry Z. De Kuyper knocks out a double whammy cover photo while on location in Maryland.