Traded 20

Shon Reece doesn't keep completed projects sitting around for too long. He builds 'em, enjoys 'em, then trades 'em off for the next challenge.

Resurrecting 32
S-10s run in Andy MacNair's blood, and his latest build-a '99 Dime goes to show the progression he's been making in building mean Chevys.

Too Sloww 40
Uncle Fester's '97 Ford Ranger is yet another gem to display in his already museum-like garage.

Speed Sequel 58
Cody Galle's '06 Chevy Colorado makes it's second print appearance, but this time it's badder and faster than ever.


Forbidden Fantasy 26

The FFF crew shows the world how the West Coast rocks.

Simply Chubbs 36
The Freaks of Nature Las Vegas chapter lost a member in James "Chubbs" McKittrick, and this show pays tribute to his lasting memory.

East Coast Bowling Nats 46
What do minitruckers do when it's snowing out? That's easy-they wear ugly winter sweaters, drink beer, and bowl.

Envy Frenzy 54
Made 2 Envy Auto Club celebrates the 10th anniversary of its annual car show in Kingston, New York.

Lake Front Tour 62
Lake Charles, Louisiana, is the location of Midnight Fantasies Car Club's 20th Lake Front Tour event. Nothing beats a great show in the South.


Centerspread Poster 38

Here it is, the two-page spread that never needs an introduction-the monthly Mini Truckin' pullout poster!

Japan Relief Benefit 52
Minitruckers unite to do their part in raising much needed cash for those affected by the devastation in Japan.

Lyfestyle 66
We've collected some amazing hand-drawn renderings and included a few SEMA '11 sneak peaks this month.


Bye-Bye to Dumb Drums 48

Little Shop of Horrors shows just how easy it is to tackle a rear disc-brake conversion for your 1st- or 2nd-gen S-10.


Post No Bills 12

Construction Zone 14

Off Beat 16

Mini Market 18

Upcoming Events 68

Ridin' Around 70

Maximized 72

Graffiti 74

This cover is the product of a studio date between Mini Truckin' Editor John Mata Jr. and Uncle Fester's Too Sloww Ford Ranger.