Building a Religion 20

Brandon Anderson utilizes his Joey Millfelt-built '94 Toyota as a vessel to promote a pure and positive minitruckin' lifestyle.

Rum Runner 40
Ready the cannons! Jonn Farr's latest creation, a plundering pirate of a 4Runner, is well on its way to eliminating all the bilge rats that stand its way. Arrr!

Hard Time 50
John Angles built his '99 Mazda in the crudest of environments but still managed to free his truck from the dirt-floor cell it was started in.

Rollin' Memorial 60
This '89 Chevy S-10 was the last project Tony Winick saw through before his untimely departure. His passion will be forever immortalized.


Bring the Noize 24

Art of Noize celebrates the 10th anniversary of this highly regarded West Coast event.

Slamology 46
Dust off your notebook, and take down a few pointers from these scientists of slam.

Dropt & Destroyed 54
The Dropt Out family deliver their 7th-annual masterpiece to the Midwest minitruckin' community.

Turkey Drag 64
Grub on Thanksgiving dinner, take a trip to Tyler, Texas, for Turkey Drag, then celebrate Christmas. This is how your holiday calendar should look every year.


Audio Arsenal 30

Stock up on the latest in audio innovations! Subwoofers, amps, head units, navigation systems, components, and everything else in between are all here for you to feast your eyes and ears on.

A Sound Investment 34
We review Sony's first double-DIN navigation unit that is just small enough to stash in your mini's dash. There isn't a thing this deck doesn't have to offer!

Inner View: Palmetto Rod Worx 36
We dive into the shop that built last month's cover truck-the Purple Reign Blazer. Follow us to Anderson, South Carolina, for the inside scoop!

Centerspread Poster 38
Don't fret, you won't hurt this magazine's feelings by ripping this poster out with unforgiving, brute force. But if you hear these pages scream and squeal from the pain, you've got bigger problems to worry about.


Post No Bills 12

Construction Zone 14

Off Beat 16

Mini Market 18

Upcoming Events 68

Ridin' Around 70

Maximized 72

Graffiti 74

John Jackson, who is ironically kind of pirate-like himself, manned the Canon and captured the Rum Runner on its victorious, maiden voyage.