Minitruck Cartel
The Last Original Minitrucker Clothing Brand

Finally! The day we've all been waiting for. MTC is back with a brand new design. Available in white or black. In true MiniTruck Cartel fashion you won't find any cheesy saying on these shirts, the name says it all. Like all MTC shirts, this too is a limited edition and is only available online. Check out their Facebook page for more info on how to order and get yours before they are all gone.

Soft Bite

These soft jaws from Graham Tool Co. help protect parts from evil vise damage. Made from semi-soft polyurethane, these babies feature strong magnets that keep 'em planted to your vise.

The Wheel Deal

The S.O.B. (Spirit Of Boyd) wheel is a brand-new design from Hot Rods by Boyd. Available in 17x7-20x15, with a huge variety of backspacing options, this model incorporates the same attention to detail as the billet line, but with a lower price tag.