Catch a Case

Brown Magic Paint Co.'s sprayed and flaked iPhone cases are hard to beat, especially if you're looking to break away from the norm. Mando "El Chucky" Velazquez hand-paints every single unit and can custom letter or pinstripe a case to your heart's desire. Hit him up at

Biggie Smalls

With just a listen, you'd think JL Audio's latest JX500/1 Class D monoblock amp is much larger than its 2.09x7.68x7.83-inch size. It's definitely petite as far as mobile amplifiers go, but it delivers an uncompromising, high-fidelity sound signal.

Hippie Spray

If you care about the environment and being eco-friendly, Eagle One's new EnviroShine appearance care products may be of interest to you. These "green" sprays are non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of harsh solvents. But don't worry, behind all that fancy talk is outstanding cleansing and shine performance.