Finally, there's a rear disc-brake conversion that won't leave you broke and sad. The guys over at The Little Shop of Horrors have learned a thing or tow about S-10's in the last seven years of fooling with them. After outfitting some projects with custom disc brakes, they decided to put together an affordable kit to allow people to swap their own stock drum brakes to disc. Installation is simple, requires, no welding, and it's not necessary to pull out the axles. Serviceable parts are also available individually. Kits fit either '81-'91 or '92-'04 S-10 rears, but you'll have to verify your axle to make sure you get the right one.

These kits can be ordered with or without e-brake calipers starting from $349 from The Little Shop's website and at

The Little Shop of Horrors
150 S. Mahr Ave.
TN  38464