If you're tired of driving your mini around kicking up rocks and mud all over your back window and the rest of your bed, then it's time you took matters into your own hands. For less than $100 in materials you could tub-out the bed of your mini-truck to fit any size wheel you're looking to tuck in a matter of a few hours.

We got with Bobby over at Sadistic Iron Werks to give us the rundown on exactly what it takes to tub the rear of a mini. Since many people opt to keep their bridge work out in the open, we wanted to get a feel of the exact process to completely cover just the wheels using simple trailer tubs. The rest of the sheetmetal filler pieces can be quickly measured and fabbed-up for the fully enclosed look. Just like most simple modifications, this process is fairly straightforward as long as you measure twice and cut once.

Follow along and you could be on your way to a much cleaner-looking bed and an even cleaner back window to boot.

Sadistic Iron Werks
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