To whom it may concern,
I would just like to say that I recently started subscribing to your magazine and am very happy. Although I like your magazine, this isn't why I'm writing. While I was looking through your June '05 issue, one of the cash bikini winners caught my eye on pages 30 and 32. She's the one in the black bikini on the left-hand side of page 30. I ripped out the page of the magazine and indicated which girl it was so there is no mix-up. I want to ask if there's any way you guys could get a hold of her and let her know that there's someone interested in getting to know her. If possible we could even exchange addresses and/or phone numbers to get to know one another. I've sent my info to contact me. So if this is possible, thank you. If not, thanks for your time and sending me the best mini-truckin' magazine in stores.
Mr. There Aren't Enough Girls in Cali
Richmond, California

Mr. No Name,
Contrary to popular belief, this isn't what we usually do. Mike is already married but yours truly is a polygamist working on trying to find a fourth wife. I have trouble myself trying to find that fourth special someone. So you see if I help other people, then that's just less on the market for me. All kidding aside, we have no idea how to get a hold of her because unfortunately she gave us the rejection hotline number. We suggest using online dating services such as or These Web sites seem to be quite effective, but if they don't send you a picture, beware. Don't let them know what kind of truck you have. When you go to meet up make sure she is standing in an open area next to the road and ask what she'll be wearing. When you drive by, case her out, and if there's an obvious reason that she didn't send a picture, then just press on that gas a little harder. Good luck!

Dear MT,
I was recently flicking through a truck magazine and came across a Nissan Hardbody laid out on 22-inch wheels all the way around. Turns out that D.I.B. Customs was debuting this truck at the '05 Gator Drag in Louisiana. Do you guys think minis layed-out on big-inch rollers are the next big thing? If and when they get that puppy finished, I sure would like to see a feature on it. One question before I go. I want to put buckets in my first-generation S-10. What are some cool seats that I could fit in my mini while retaining my factory seatbelts with shoulder restraints? Thanks.
Sam Burrell Jr.
Grafton, Ohio

What's up, Sam?
I'm sure the folks at D.I.B. are happy that people are taking notice of their Hardbody. As far as big wheels being the new thing, that is definitely the way things are going and have always gone. With the competitive nature of mini-truckers, bigger, lower, louder, or brighter will always be the norm. When 20-inch wheels came out, it went from putting them just on the back, then the front. After a while you had every kind of mini body-dropped on 20-inch wheels. As long as a mini can keep the wheels reasonably under the hood and can get enough lift to drive, we see no reason as to why the big-wheel craze would stop. As for cool seats to put in your truck, there are plenty; Ford Probe, Honda Prelude, and many others will work with modifications on mounting. What we suggest doing is go to a salvage yard and cruise around looking for the style you wish, then map out some simple mounting options.