'Bag and Go
American Shifter now offers a shift knob that every minitrucker can relate to. Each knob is made out of durable resins and vividly colored for years of unrivaled individuality. Better get one of these soon, because a limited supply of only 500 units has been produced.

Kiss The Ring
Getting picked on at parties? Maybe the bullies wouldn’t bust your balls so much if you were wearing this tough-looking ring from Bad Ass Jewelry. If the bullet holes in this guy's head don’t scare them away, maybe this bonehead’s heavyweight, sterling silver construction will. Nobody wants a skull-shaped imprint on their forehead.

Keepin' Tabs
Gauge Store's universal, laser-cut, four-link frame and axle tabs are offered in many sizes and shapes to fit your application perfectly. They are made from bulletproof, thick steel and will hold up to whatever you throw at them.