The Datsun name was created in 1931 by the DAT Motorcar Co. The Datsun name is most famous for the sports cars referred to as the Fairlady roadsters and later the Fairlady (240Z) coupes.

The owner of this '73 Datsun Bulletside approached the guys at GO-EZ to see how much lower of a stance was possible without cutting up too much real estate. It was already riding around as low it could go on a static drop and was bottoming out in the front way too often. The solution was a simple air-ride system featuring some of the top components in the business and GO-EZ’s own front and rear ’bag brackets to make things possible. The bed didn’t have to be cut, the truck’s stance looks way better when aired out, and best of all, ride quality is far superior than before. Ride along to see how to get your Bulletside sitting lower and cruising better.

31. The Datsun is now properly 'bagged and fitted with shocks.

GO-EZ Customs
4110 E. La Palma
CA  92804
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