Mind Over Metal

Hobart's new-generation Champion 145 welder/generator combo offers a 6-1/4-gallon fuel tank, which allows for welding at 75 amps or using 2,500 watts of auxiliary power for 12 1/2 hours on a single tank of gas. The Champion 145 also provides 145 amps of DC welding power, offers smooth arc-starting capabilities, and can accommodate stick electrodes up to 5/32-inch diameters.

Sano System

This Fuel System Restorer contains high-performance additives that safely remove the gummiest buildup inside of your engine. Within this bottle is a triple-action formula that combines different chemistries to attack each type of combustion deposit that clogs up fuel injectors, carburetors, ports, intake valves, intake manifolds, and combustion chambers. Get smoother throttle response , faster acceleration, better gas mileage, and great engine performance now!

Easy Monitoring

Viair's dual-needle gauges monitor your air suspension's working pressure as well as the pressure in your 'bags. Each gauge features a 2-inch face and is available in black or white with maximum pressure readings of 160 or 220 psi.