Portable Power

Just in time for show season is Black & Decker's portable jump starter, which not only allows for instant jumps without the need for another vehicle present, but it also features a tire inflator, bright LED lights, and a place to charge cell phones in case of an emergency. You definitely want one of these with you before you hit the long stretch of road this show season.

Double the Fun

Viair's affordable 444C Dual Pack features two top-performance, 200-psi-rated compressors that pull approximately 20 amps each, stainless steel leader hoses with inline check valves, remote mountable air intake filters, fittings, mounting hardware, and an instruction booklet just in case. The 444C Dual Pack is rated to fill up to 10 gallons of reserve air up to 200 psi. Viair's compressors also feature a thermal overload protector meant to protect the units from damaging overheating situations. You get all of this good stuff for one low price!

Wear Your Roots

Drop 'Em Wear? has a new T-shirt design that is strictly for the old-school, OG minitruckers. With lines like "I was a minitrucker when... gas was cheaper than beer, Nissan was still Datsun, and 15-inch rims were huge", it's enough to make anyone sit back and reflect just how far our little hobby has evolved over the years. What's cool about this new design is that the shirt was requested and created by the fans.