Custom bed setups like the one pictured below are more popular now than ever! Read on to see how you can transform your bed to house those big rollers and look good while doing it.

Large wheel-and-tire combos make the difference between an average or truly impressive looking exterior. Although cutting the bed is a quick way to make enough room for upsized rolling stock at the rear, leaving the floor hacked up for an extended period of time subjects air-ride components and other such cargo to excessive amounts of grime and junk that gets kicked up from the road. Prefab wheeltubs are widely available on the aftermarket and can be trimmed to fit any application, but if you're more of a hands-on type of builder, building tailored-fit tubs may work best. Follow along with Ryan and Steve from Cando Specialties and learn how to fab a set of wheeltubs that will help curb the crud.

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