Air-Zenith 200-PSI 2+2 Super Kit
This ultrafast, 100-percent-duty Air-Zenith 200-psi 2+2 Super Kit is lab-tested for a massive 7.6-cfm airflow and is backed by an industry-leading two-year manufacturer warranty. The 2+2 Super Kit is made for individuals who demand the best in everything they buy. This complete kit contains two 200-psi Air-Zenith OB2 air compressors, two 5-gallon black-anodized nine-port aluminum air tanks, one 200-psi pressure switch, two 80A heavy-duty relays, and more. It's everything you need for the air you demand. For more info, visit

Get Your Learn On
How to Design and Install In-Car Entertainment Systems presents the entire spectrum of audio/video, navigation, communication, and entertainment technology and explains how you can create a complete custom system or an integrated stock/aftermarket system. It explains how to plan, select, integrate, and install popular systems under a specific budget for a certain level of performance. This includes design and installation considerations for amps, head units, GPS navigation, iPod integration with head units, satellite radio, digital audio broadcasting, and even computers (carputers). For more information on this informative series of books, check out

Power Up
These A1 Electric add-on power door-lock and keyless entry kits are designed to work on late-model cars and trucks with a flexible cable between the door latch and knob. The kits come with special brackets and actuators designed specifically for cable systems. Many new trucks including the Chevy Colarado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan now come with cable-actuated locks. For more information, log on to