One of the best things about the show season is the excuse for at least one good road trip!

Road trips are something we all look forward to, but something we don't always plan for as well as we should. Traveling 500, 1,000, or for the brave ones, even 2,500 miles or more, is bound to put Murphy's law to the test. Anything that can happen, WILL happen!

The best thing to do when preparing for a long trip with a 'bagged and/or body-dropped truck is to go by the "better safe than sorry" philosophy. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Having adjustable air suspension is one of the greatest joys when cruising a minitruck, but it also comes with responsibility as there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Just like anything else, the more working parts you have, the more chance of something breaking. We decided to get with Psycho Pneumatics/Cool Cars to come up with some of the necessities when you're planning for a big trip. So pack your bags, make a list and check it twice, and hit the road to a show near, or not so near to you. For more information check out the Sources below. See you out there!

Two crescent wrenches (for fittings, valves, and such)
9/16-inch wrench for the 'bag bolts
3/4-inch wrench for four-link
Wire cutters/strippers
Big hammer (you never know haha)
Basic handtools - phillip and flathead screwdrivers
Air line cutters
Low-profile jack (like the one pictured) and jackstands
Flashlight and extra batteries
Heavy-duty jumper cables

Electrical & Misc.
Zip ties
Blocks of wood
Bar of soap (for that freak hole in the S-10 gas tank)
Extra gas and water cans
Duct tape, Electrical tape, and Teflon tape
Butt connectors
Fuses and fuse holders
Extra wire
Heavy-duty Solenoid
Tire plug kit
Spare tire that will actually fit YOUR TRUCK and the tools to change it out properly

Air Parts
Carrying spares of everything is very important, especially on a super-long road trip. The more miles you're headed away from your safety zone (home, familiar part stores, and friends that can help) the more likely you'll run into a problem that might not have an easy fix. The most important parts to carry are listed below and are the vital air suspension components that could fail. Even if you can't buy extra parts right away ask your buddies if they have an old used compressor and 'bag laying around that you can test and make sure they work. Slowly collect all the parts you need to build up your own personal road trip survival kit and when the time comes and you end up blowing a line or 'bag you will be pleased to know that you have it handy.
Spare 'bag
Spare compressor
Plenty of air line
Fittings including unions, extra check valve, and Schrader valve just in case
Extra pressure switch

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