For This Installment We Installed Air Lift's New Auto Pilot System.

This unit gives you accurate, instant control over your ride system with features like; one touch ride height, auto ride height on start, individual wheel control, inflate and deflate all buttons (aka pancake), built in digital volt meter, auto leak detection, special tuning, and only one wire to the dash. The one touch ride height allows you to return to your programmed ride height on demand so you can set your aligned ride-height and prevent tire wear. The auto ride height on start will lift your vehicle to the programmed ride height with the start of the engine and can be disabled if desired. The individual wheel control allows you to adjust each wheel separately, while the all inflate and deflate buttons give you the "pancake" option with one switch. Accurate manifold mounted transducers are the most accurate pressure sensors that come pre-mounted to the valves which eliminate the risk of leaks, and makes for an easier install. The auto leak detection monitors all four corners so if a leak occurs, the system will automatically add air accordingly and warn you of a problem. The tuning feature teaches the system the exact requirements to lift each wheel and ensures that the auto ride height function is perfect every time. Also with only one wire to run to the dash running airlines, power lines, and wiring every switch independently is a thing of the past. One wire now does it all. Follow along and see just how easy this kit was to install and enjoy! For more information check out the companies listed in the Source Box.

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