The Tech Lowdown
Parts Used:
(Front) Coilovers, 2-inch drop ball joints (Rear) 3-inch drop leaf springs, performance drop shocks

Company: Belltech
Contact Info: (888) 712-8811,

Shop Name:
ST Trucks
Shop Contact Info: (951) 248-0400

Approximate Installation Time: 8 hours

Skills Required: General suspension

Tools Used: Socket and wrench set up to 21mm, impact gun, Sawzall, grinder, and flat-black spray paint

Parts Cost: Under $1,000

Once everything was tightened down and aligned, it was time to go and play. Right out of the gate, the truck felt tighter and surprisingly nimble and easy to maneuver, and at speeds beyond 80 mph, that floating feeling that most pickup owners are used to was gone-the truck was one with the road. In the canyons, the difference was even more apparent, as the truck handled flat with improved steering response and a newfound willingness to carve the corners at much higher speeds. Overall, it drove more like a sports car than a truck; a slightly firm yet totally comfortable ride.