Parker air valves are the most recognized name in the air ride community. These rugged valves operate with high repeatability, combining high speed and high flow in a small size. Coils are rated continuous duty and are sealed for protection from dust and dirt. The valves are offered in 3/8-, 1/2-, and 3/4-inches; all of which can handle up to 300 psi.

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Mac's Spring
Mac's Springs has just announced the introduction of its new Pressuryte Leveling System for all air ride suspensions, available exclusively through Mac's. No more manual ride-height adjustments; just start the vehicle and Pressuryte levels it out to an adjustable, preset height.

Mac's Springs
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The Oasis XD4000 is the most powerful air suspension and work truck air compressor available, and will even run a 1/2-inch impact wrench-without a tank! It features an exclusive, forced air motor and compressor cooling system, deep-finned head, low-voltage circuit protection, and a 50-hour service interval. This combination provides superior operating temperature reduction, resulting in an unrivaled 100-percent duty-cycle at 200 psi. The XD4000 is designed for air suspension, off-road vehicles, and service trucks. It's also environmental friendly, low-noise, and has no fumes.

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Suicide Doors
The Suicide Doors upper control arms are CNC-bent for perfect consistency and are made from 1.25-inch-diameter DOM tubing with a 1/2-inch wall thickness. The ball joint plate is CNC laser-cut from high quality 3/8-inch-thick P&O plate, which houses Power Performance ball joints-the highest quality ball joints on the market-so it's a perfect match for these control arms. The lower arms are CNC-bent for perfect consistency and are made from 1.50-inch-diameter DOM tubing with a 1/4-inch wall thickness. The ball joint tube is CNC-machined from DOM tube and is extra thick to prevent any ovalizing that may occur from heavy abuse. These lower tubes also house Power Performance ball joints.

This version of the popular five-link kit features all newly engineered components, to get you laid out as quickly as possible, on tires up to 30-inches in diameter. The kit comes with new framerails for your truck, with all mounting points predetermined, reducing the number of holes needed to drill in your stock frame. What does this mean? It's a crazy easy install, in a very short time, and a super-stout frame that's 50-percent thicker than stock. Available with poly bushings or super pivots.

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