This all-new kit from DJM is designed to deliver the aggressive stance you want, without sacrificing your Tacoma's smooth factory ride and handling. The complete front and rear kit include a specially-engineered upper and lower control arms, heavy-duty 4-inch steel lowering blocks, C-notch, bump stops, and all the necessary installation hardware.

Stylin' Trucks
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Viair Corporation is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest compressor to help air suspension users get the most from their air suspension systems. The Viair 495C is a 100-percent duty compressor (at 175 psi and 72-degrees Fahrenheit) and puts out 2.37 cfm at 0 psi, while drawing a maximum of 35 amps of power. This means that the 495C will pressurize a 5-gallon air tank from zero to 175 psi in 5-1/2 minutes, and will easily refill that 5-gallon tank using a 110psi-on and 175 psi off pressure switch in 1 minute, 23 seconds. Faster recovery times mean a longer life from your compressor. All C-model Viair compressors are expressly meant for use with air tanks and include a check valve pre-installed at the end of the compressor's stainless steel-braided leader hose installed at the compressor's exhaust port.

Viair Corporation
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Firestone continues to raise the bar on high pressure and high quality air springs with its new Red Label edition. This design is the result of two years of strenuous testing to exceed the demands of those who require higher pressures to support and raise their vehicles. The air spring uses a proprietary high-strength cord with excellent flexibility and durability, while operating up to 15 psi and having a test pressure of 400 psi. Available in both the popular 267 and 224 sizes, and in 3/8- and 1/2-NPT port sizes.

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E-Air Valve
The Mac Daddy air valve is back from E-Air Valve. The total redesign has resulted in a more bulletproof product that is proving to be reliable. The valve is a forged, brass nickel-plated body with a high output coil, stainless steel operator, and new diaphragm material, which gives it a max working pressure of 450 psi. The Mac Daddy is offered in a 3/8 -inch and 1/2-inch sizes and they employ a 5/8-inch orifice, which results in faster air movement.

Mac's Springs
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Lowrider Depot
Lowrider Depot is the largest air suspension wholesaler on the East Coast, and offers a great selection for any of your air ride needs. An in-house custom metal shop manufactures a full line of metal products-right here in the USA. Some of the produced parts are four-links, which are custom-built to your specs; four-link parts, airbag brackets, notches, crossmembers, circle plates, steel tubing, and the list goes on. Lowrider Depot serves dealers anywhere in the world, with the lowest prices on quality air suspension parts.

Low Rider Depot
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