This month, we present a bevy of hot new suspensions and components designed for most any minitruck. Every product featured is built with the utmost quality by a reputable company. In addition to the suspension kits, we also included some popular aftermarket accessories that will complement any suspension setup. Enough said. Enjoy the guide!

Chassistech's Plug 'N' Play system makes air suspension installation easier. Features include a 3/4hp compressor, eight valves mounted onto a manifold, and a 3-gallon aluminum tank. This E-Z air unit enables speedy installation and easy access of various air components. All you do is plug in the provided battery and ignition wires, because everything else is prewired.

(877) 480-3549

Air Ride Tech
Air Ride Technologies has the front of an '82 to '03 S-10 covered with its CoolRide front system. It is offered in two versions that will work with or without other accompanying suspension components. Air Ride Technologies StrongArm tubular control arms and other suspension components are engineered to provide optimum performance and ride quality.

Air Ride Technologies
(812) 481-4787

Asco Air Valves
ASCO air valves and manifolds offer suspension builders greater performance and more efficient system installs. ASCO valves feature 300-psi inlet pressure capability, a DIN connection for easy wiring, compact size, and a high ambient temperature rating for under-hood applications. ASCO manifolds give you the highest flow ratings on the market, have a compact design, pressure gauge ports, single pressure and exhaust capa bility, and are group mountable for easy installation.

Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117

Aurora offers the largest selection of pre-assembled custom gauges in the world. With Aurora's patented interchangeable gauge face system, you can enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of Aurora's premade designer gauges, then change the custom faces in the future without un-installing the gauge. All of Aurora's designer gauges come preassembled and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Hoffman Group
(800) 651-1970

Air-Zenith is proud to introduce Air-Zenith High Accuracy Digital Air Pressure Gauge. It is 220-psi rated, and comes with a high accuracy pressure sensor of +/- 0.1 percent, mounting hardware, and a wiring hardness. Available in two options: clear lens with a white face, or smoke lens with a black face. Plus, the gauge will display your truck voltage for 60 seconds, then switch back to air pressure. With Air-Zenith High Accuracy Digital Air Pressure Gauge, you can easily monitor your car voltage and air tank pressure. Air-Zenith also plans to release its new chrome compressor this summer.

(702) 270-7988