The last installment of project STK TRUK has finally arrived. Look for a full feature on this truck in an upcoming issue.

For the shocks, Steve and I decided to call RCD Classics and pick up some of the awesome shocks they have. I had installed some on my '53 Cadillac and loved them, and Steve is already rocking them on his '97 S-10,which can be seen in the pages of this issue. These are also the same shocks that Max Fish installed on Lowlife Mike's truck a while back. They ride awesome on heavy or small trucks.

The formula Steve uses for shock location and installation is as follows:

Desired wheel travel = X
Shock Stroke

(four-link bar/A-arm length) = shock position, measured from the frame pivot to the wheel or rear-end.

Knowing our front shocks have 4.5 inches of travel and our rears have 6.5 inches of travel, our formulas looked like this:

10 = 0.65

0.65(30.75) = 19.9
(we rounded up to 20)

9 = 0.5

0.5(12.5) = 6.25

Of course, depending on what you're installing shocks on, your results will vary.

Kan't Trust 'Emz, Steve's Shop, Ernie's Garage RCD Classics
American Eagle Nitto Tire
Dept. MM&FF
6261 Katella Ave.
CA  90630
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