In order to begin any project, it's important to find a builder who can see your vision right from the start. So, "Lowlife" Mike Venegas hooked up with Max Fish from Bio Kustumz to create a one-of-a-kind rear setup that would leave others in awe. When it comes to suspensions, Max has always been one for simple and fully functional. A master of design and suspension geometry, Max tends to shy away from crazy setups with tubing just for the sake of tubing. But, Lowlife Mike did want a suspension setup that not only functioned correctly but also looked good doing it.

And away they went, the two teamed up with TIG welder in hand, working side-by-side to come up with what you see here. We followed along with our camera to capture the good times, the bad times, and of course, the random model times. For more information, contact the companies listed in the Sources box.