When it comes to clean body lines and that classic custom feel, the first-generation S-10 just screams for the old hot-rod treatment. Well, our buddies over at Kustoms Inc. decided to tackle a new project to take to SEMA for the Line-X booth. With help from Chassis Tech, www.airbagit.com, LMC Truck, Line-X of Huntington Beach, and IMZZ Industries, this S-10 was headed for the full custom treatment. Of course, the major challenge was the timeline, and as you'll see it was coming down to the wire. Follow along as the crew works night and day to try and complete a 45-day transformation from trashed daily-driver to the SEMA floor.

For Part I of this installment, the team tore the truck down and began to tackle the air suspension. To help with the time constraints, we opted for the super-quick installation of the airbagit.com Plug 'N Play system, which comes complete with the compressor, valves, and switches already pre-wired. All that was needed was to connect the air line to the four airbags, hook up an air tank, and you're ready to hit the road. The installation of the Plug 'N Play will be covered in Part II, so stay tuned. For more information, contact the companies listed in the sources box.

Chassis Tech
LMC Truck
IMZZ Industries
140 Arovista Way
Line-X of Huntington Beach
7312 Murdy Cir.
Huntington Beach
CA  92647
Dept. TR
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