Body-drop Survival Guide

1. First and foremost, when planning to bodydrop your truck, the very first step is to make sure it lays flat frame. All crossmembers must be addressed and the entire frame needs to lie flat on the ground-before you even think about that body-drop.

2. Once the truck is completely laid out, the next thing is to make a plan and size everything up. This includes knowing what wheel size you will run and exactly how low you want to go: to the pinch, to the rocker, to the door, and so on.

3. For the smoothest body-drop possible, do everything else first. Meaning: drop your motor, relocate the suspension, get all of the other issues worked out, and then you can cut your floor and lay her flat out.

4. Planning ahead and making a body-drop checklist is the safest way to ensure you don't run into any unforeseen problems. Decide right away if you want to keep your A/C, heat, and other amenities. You need to know right away what route you want to take, such as stock-floor, traditional, channel, and so on.