When we sat down with the Mr. Scrape crew and asked them what the best part of having a truly one-stop shop was, the unanimous answer was: being able to shut down a show when they unload their trailers. Finding a shop that is capable of all this is hard to do, but as for them being able to build you a full-out show-stopping cover truck, Robbie states: "Our only limit is your dough." A lot of shops stick to one type of work such as paint, suspension, etc., but having the ability to touch every aspect of a build sets this shop apart from the rest. They put it best when they say: "We have badass mini-trucks laying body beside cars with 31 inches of ground clearance on 28-inch wheels in our parking lot on a daily basis. We love being able to find vehicles that have never been done or 'can't be done' and doing them on a level that no one can deny the quality. We always have the attitude of 'we can do that.' We have been tested on saying our limit is your money many times and have always prevailed."

Shortly after you read this, the Mr. Scrape crew will be breaking ground on their new shop across town, which is planned to have over 15,000 square feet to be able to accommodate even more custom vehicles and more employees. They would like to dedicate this article to the memory of one of their good friends and fellow employees, Jamie Fryer, who was tragically killed in an ATV accident shortly after we were there shooting this shop tour. He was a big part in building both of this month's cover vehicles as well, and his lending hand will always be missed but never forgotten (1979-2006).

Mr. Scrape Customs Inc.
35-A Cuttino Rd.
SC  29150