Dear MT,
I recently turned 38 this year. I've been and still am a die-hard mini-trucker! I've supported MT from the start. Monster Garage, a mini-trucker-inspired TV show recently did a mini-truck build. They went old school with a 720. It's great to see mini-truckin' and mini-truckers get the national exposure you and I know we all deserve! Big ups to Body Drop and Josh Freeman for representing. Too bad the little guys forgot to measure backspacing for those cool chrome wheels
Sam Burrell, Jr.
Elyria, Ohio

There was quite a bit of hype surrounding that particular show in the mini-truck community. As a lot of people know, there have been a lot of mini-truckers behind the scenes as well as being in builds. We give a lot of credit to Body Drop for holding his ground on making the truck lay out when all odds and little people were against him. The build could have turned out better if Jesse would have actually used Nick's rendering, but we were just glad to see that producers dropped money into backing our scene.

Dear Mini Truckin',
I have a '95 Mitsubishi Mighty Max short wheelbase regular cab. I was wanting to know: Do they make a Mitsu 4x4? If so, are the fenders flared like Mazda's and Toyota's? If it isn't too much trouble, could you please tell me where I can find some aftermarket parts? I know FBI and JBM have some but it's limited. Is there some way I can put a different front bumper on? Please help me.
Josh Young
Philly, Mississippi

Yes, sir. They did make a Mighty 4x4. It uses the same fenders but with killer plastic flares on them. Unfortunately, there aren't as many parts out there for the Mighty Max. You will have to be more creative than most, but when you are finished it will be what a lot of mini's can't be: original. Call FBI 877-324-6464 on that front bumper. They have your bracket needs covered.

Dear Guru,
I have an '86 Chevy S-10 truck and I want to put a set of seats in it. What I want to know is: What would be the best seat to put in it? I want to get the seats of a car. Also, I have been trying to find someone to install a convertible hardtop kit for my truck. I live in the city of Bainbridge, Georgia. But nobody around here does this type of work. Any help from you would be appreciated.
Greg Cooper

You can pretty much put any seats from a compact car in your S-10. The popular seats have always been a Honda-type seat out of a Prelude or Civic. The Ford Probe seats also seem to have quite a following. As for a shop to get your ride cut up at, I would suggest asking around locally for some friends that have had good work done. Its hard when you live in a small town.