Dear MT,
I have a '98 and a '92 S-10. I was wondering: Do I have to put a lowering kit on my truck before I put it on airbags? Also, would a regular lowering kit work on my '92, since I have a V-8 in it?
Jody Ledlow

Hey, Jody. Seems like you have some issues. Let's see what we can do for you. You could technically 'bag a truck with all-stock suspension, but it wouldn't be able to go that low. The lower you're gonna want to go, the more you will have to modify. You wouldn't need a huge kit, but you will need components of the kit. The front of the truck would be a candidate for either dropped spindles or control arms. The rear would be up for a notch, if you are wanting low, and possibly a four-link. The sky's the limit on this. It just depends on how low you want to go.

Dear Mini Truckin',
I own a '91 Mazda B2200. I made it a convertible and added a '92 4Runner bumper and a phantom grille. What I would like to know is if there are any performance parts for my engine like cams, intakes, fuel injectors, higher shift points, and so on. Any help would really be appreciated. Also, the convertible seal kit from AIM - I would like to see a picture of the seals and the whole kit. Thank you for your help.
Omar Sanchez
Orange, California

You might want to hit up Delta Cams or Pacesetter for go-fast goodies. There are parts out there; you just have to search. Look at previous Mazda features in your favorite magazine for what others have done. As far as the famous AIM convertible, here you go in all of its untampered-with glory.

Hey, Paper Cuts!
I have some questions about my '03 Chevy S-10 extended cab. First off, I would like to purchase some tubular control arms for it, but everything that I'm finding is either designed for lowering it (which it already is) or bagging it (which it won't ever be). I want to keep the drop coils I have in there, but I want to put the C-arms in. I plan on auto crossing it as soon as I get it set up. I recently received the June issue in the mail and I noticed that the Mini Truckin' Lifestyle section was not in there. Did you get rid of it, or is it just gone for the month? Finally, I want to give my buddies a shout-out at They have helped me more than anything I could imagine.

It's gonna be hard for you find a company that makes stock tubular control arms. There just isn't a market for them. We would forward you to a company to custom-make you some, but this has been a sore subject in the mini-truckin' community as of late. As for the Lifestyle section, it is definitely not gone, as you can see. We had to make room for a few ads to gear up for our biggest issues ever. We hope all of you enjoy the new look and weight of the magazine.

Dear Mini Truckin',
I've been reading your kick-ass magazine for about two years. Well, I've had hands-on experience with helping build a '55 Chevy and a '56 Chevy Bel Air, and now I've decided to move on to the mini-truck scene. I got my hands on an '87 GMC Jimmy S-15. My questions are about my vehicle being a four-wheel drive. Can I still slam it to the ground with the four-wheel drive, or do I need to convert it to two-wheel drive? My second question is: What's the difficulty rating on doing a V-8 swap on a 1-to-10 scale? If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your time and your kick-ass magazine!
Sincerely yours,
Mark Hart
Denver, Colorado

For your first mini, you sure are starting out on the hard track. If you want your mini hammered to the ground, then you will have to convert it to 2WD. As a 4WD, you could lower it but not enough to get a huge impact. The amount of modifications needed to get a 4WD on the ground is just ridiculous. Regarding your second question, since companies like Summit Racing have all of the bolt-on accessories to make swapping in a V-8 work in the S-series, we would say a 5/10. It's still a hefty amount of work but there's not much fab involved.