Air System Durability Tips:
Make sure to run a complete air system, not just the basics; you'll regret it. This means, run check valves to make sure your truck doesn't air out when you don't want it to. Always run a water trap to keep moisture out of your system. (Moisture will ruin your system quicker than anything.) Be sure to route your lines intelligently, and if money permits it, hard-lining your system is rock solid.

Air systems can tend to sway if you run only four solenoids; run eight for a complete system. Aluminum or ceramic-coated tanks are a good way to avoid rust in your system. Last but not least, for all you snow bunnies: If you're having problems with frozen valves, add air brake antifreeze. It helps to absorb condensation and fights corrosion in your system. It's similar to rubbing alcohol.

Hydro System Durability Tips:
Not as many people are informed with the hydraulic innovations as of late. For example, CCE has new super cylinders that add a poly pack seal as well as a Teflon seal to accompany the standard dual O-ring setup. This is said to get you up to four times the use without blowing seals.

In order to stop your charging woes, get a Streetcharger, which charges your batteries as you drive. The same as air, you can hard-line your setup for the ultimate in cool and durability. Beware of used hydraulics! It seems that more than half of the people that have had bad experiences with hydraulics were involved with a used set of non-rebuilt hydraulics.