Oasis Now In Chrome
Oasis Manufacturing introduces their '06 XD3000 12-vdc air compressor. This extreme-duty monster delivers 8 cfm at 100 psi, with a 200-psi max pressure rating for the most demanding air suspension applications. This behemoth fills a 5-gallon tank from 0 to 150 psi in 54 seconds and has a max pressure of 200 psi! The insane numbers are attributed to a commercial-duty motor directly coupled to a 10ci, twin-cylinder York compressor. The entire unit is now available show-chrome-plated. For more information, contact (949) 768-4311 or check out www.oasismfg.com.

Silver Star Customs'Ranger I-Beam Brackets
These newly designed SSC Ranger I-Beam brackets can be installed in a few hours without cutting into the frame and can hold 2500 or 2600 bags. For more information, contact (662) 342-6763 or check out www.silverstarcustoms.com

Devious Customs One-Piece Step Notch
Devious Customs offers their one-piece step notch that will fit all Chevys, Fords, Dodges, and imports. Three hours of welding is saved and countless tools are given a rest, as it is already smoothed. They are made of 3/16-inch box tubing for an unbreakable stance. For more information, contact (909) 947-1800 or check out www.deviouscustoms.com.

Air-Zenith Gets Colorful
Air-Zenith now offers multiple color options on its popular 100% 200-psi fast air pump. Violet, blue, green, silver, and gold have been added to the OG red. Air-Zenith compressors feature 2.85-cfm output and are fully rebuildable with patented interchangeable-piston technology. For more information, call (702) 270-7988 or check out www.air-zenith.com.

Street Beat's Asco Manifold
Asco air suspension manifolds are the highest flow manifold on the market. With a single pressure inlet and exhaust capability, it minimizes tubing and fitting proliferation. It controls all four wheels from one location and can be installed alone or in groups of two or four with a manifold ganging kit. For more information, contact (800) 771-6908 or visit www.streetbeatcustoms.com.