Yep, you heard that right - a cantilever airbag setup with locking coilover suspension using air cylinders as the locking mechanism. Sound a little overwhelming and too much like rocket science? Well, when we first approached Aaron Iha over at Chassis, he thought we were a little nuts, too. But once he sat down and thought it out, the rest was history.

Aaron really ran with the idea and figured out the perfect way to create the ultimate riding mini by integrating a lot of engineering and geometry with some good old-fashioned mini-trucker creativity. So sit back and try to keep up on this one, cuz we were right there the whole time bugging Aaron with those pesky questions every fabricator loves to hear while they're trying to work: "What are you doing that for? What's that going to do? How's that work?" (Just ask Aaron and Bobby; they'll tell ya.) Check out the source box and contact the companies listed for more information.

14102 Stowe Dr.
CA  92064
Mac's Springs
26746 E. Baseline
CA  92346
Chassis By Aaron IHA
583 North Citrus Ave
CA  91723
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