Protecting Our Freedom
Dear MT Staff,

First off, I want to thank you guys for keeping it real with the magazine and always keeping it interesting and up-to-date for readers all over the world. I also want to thank you for supporting the troops in Iraq, and for giving us mini-truckers the motivation to get home and start a new project. Your magazine gives us the hope and motivation we need, and gives us another reminder of what we are fighting for.
Spc. Luis D. Cruz

We will always stand behind our troops 110 percent, especially in times of war. It really makes us proud here at the office to know that we have troops such as you out there protecting our freedom. When you get back and get going on your next project, send us some pictures and keep us updated. Thank all those in the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, and all the troops deployed around the world.

Lowering a P'up
Dear MT,

Here's a question I hope you can answer. Is there anyway to lower an Isuzu p'up? I have an '86 p'up and I can't find anything for it. I hope you can help.
via e-mail

Your problem is pretty widespread when it comes to finding parts or kits for older import mini-trucks. Since you weren't specific as to how low you want to go, we would obviously recommend airbagging to slam it on the ground. Many companies offer all the necessary components. FBI [(877) 324-6464] offers full air-ride kits with everything you would need, and Suicide Doors [(812) 782-3581] offers torsion-bar bracketry, or anything else for the 'bag setup. If you aren't planning on 'bagging it, then the lowering is going to be limited to cranking down the torsion bars and lowering blocks in the rear, or a complete custom suspension setup.

Unique S-10
Dear Mini Truckin',

I just purchased a '98 S-dime and want to really trick it out, but many people have them in the custom scene. Do you have any advice on how to make mine unique? I'm open to any suggestions on modifications. Any help is greatly appreciated.
via e-mail

Hey Daniel,
The purpose of customizing a mini-truck is to make it your own. Yes, you'll get ideas from other people along the way by seeing what they've done. Yes, even your friends will have suggestions about modifications you should make. Ultimately, though, your mini should represent what your idea of the perfect S-10 is and not what someone else thinks. In the end, you'll thank us for not telling the whole world some super-cool ideas and have 1,000 S-10s pop up looking the same. We can give you the basic formula of what our pastime has evolved into, but you can see that in all the feature trucks here in the mag. After slamming your truck by 'bagging it and maybe even body-dropping it on some nice rims with a smooth, clean paintjob, the individuality really begins to shine through. Go nuts on your truck and pay attention to every little detail, and we're sure your truck will stand out.