VIAR Corporation
Viair introduces the 100 percent Duty 350C Series Compressor to its lineup of more than 30 models of 12- and 24- volt air compressors. The 350C is rated at 150 psi working pressure and draws 15 amps. The 350C is sealed for moisture and dust resistance and comes fully equipped with a stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve. The 350C pushes an impressive 0.81 cfms at 100 psi and will pump out 0.57 cfm at 150 psi. If you are looking for a reliable mobile pneumatic air source, the 350C is definitely worth checking out. With a 15-amp working amp draw rating, the 350C is also well suited for multi-compressor fast-air setups. For more information, contact: Viair, (949) 582-6868,

AIM Industries
This 24-function remote comes equipped with eight outputs. The controller's functions can be used in any combination simultaneously. You'll be dancing your truck in no time because this remote is truly amazing! It's designed from the ground up to work with airbag systems, so it's going to work with whatever type of optional airbag system functions you can imagine. For more information, contact: (800) 682-TRUX (682-8789),

From adjustable air ride systems to complete bolt-in lowering kits and chassis components, BCS Suspension has it all. The company is a direct manufacturer of the highest quality air suspension custom bracketry that's been engineered and fitted for maximum lift and drop, as well as for various wheel and tire combinations. Custom-made components and bracketry are also available upon request. New dealers are welcome. For more information, contact: BCS, (250) 544-1403,

Fender Bender International is proud to be the sole North American distributor for Blitzluft Air Suspension Products. Blitzluft's Lightning Air series of valves and air cylinders leads the market in performance and reliability with 1/2-inch ports, high-pressure handling, and the lowest prices around. Its latest release is the Model 337 compressor, a joint venture with Thomas Industries. This compressor comes with an unheard of two-year warranty against defects, and it pumps as much air as compressors that typically cost twice as much! For more information, contact: Fender Bender International, (877) FBI-MINI (324-6464),

Chassis Tech
Lowered control arms for mini-trucks make your initial drop work right from the start. Chassis Tech offers two options to help drop most mini-trucks. Dropped control arms and dropped spindles are available for most Mazdas, Isuzus, Toyotas, Nissans, and Mitsubishis. For more information, contact: AIM Industries, (800) 682-TRUX (682-8789); Chassis Tech Wholesale,

Thorbecke Brothers
The Thorbecke Brothers are now making life easier by offering a wide variety of 'bag bracket kits for your mini-truck. All of the company's brackets are made from high-grade HRPO steel and are CNC laser-cut to ensure you receive the best slam for your buck. For more information, contact: Thorbecke Brothers, (812) 782-3581,

KP Components
If you're tired of the poor ride quality and lack of lift offered by your over-the-axle air suspension system, then KP Components has the answer. How about a completely bolt-on, triangulated four-link and cantilever 'bag bracket system for the '82-'03 GM S-Series pickups? This rear system comes complete with shocks and eliminates all of the guesswork. Engineered to work with 2,600-pound, 2,800-pound, or Slam bags, it will lay out as big as 20-inch wheels while giving you 10 to 12 inches of lift! Take the next step in upgrading your air suspension system. For more information, contact: KP Components Inc., (209) 668-4057,

Silver Star Customs
This is the new SSC cantilever two-link kit designed for a very simple and straightforward installation. The kit will lay 18-inch wheels with stock shocks and 20s with shorter shocks installed. This kit gets between 10 to 14 inches of lift with 2500-series airbags, and it will stay centered throughout the rearend's range of travel. It comes with everything needed for installation, including two-link bars with angled blocks, a crossbar, upper brackets, a U-bolt kit, and a step notch. For more information, contact: Silver Star Customs, (662) 342-6763,