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Skied or Slammed - 'Bagged & Draggin'
So, you consider yourself a hard-core mini-truck enthusiast, do you? Well, in order to gain the respect and adoration of your like-minded mini-truckin' peers, that stock suspension setup of yours isn't gonna' cut the mustard. Yeah, mini-trucks are incredibly cool, but when you lift them to the sky, or slam them hard to Mother Earth, that's when life begins to get really fun.

Most enthusiasts start out with an entry-level suspension modification, usually of the bolt-on persuasion. From the start, they know whether they'll spend their life in the clouds or become totally grounded with their truck. They start out with a simple yet effective means of either lifting or lowering their trucks. However, because simple bolt-on parts are good for a starting point, and a certain amount of light adjustment to ride height, it's only a matter of time before they desire more.

In a typical lift situation, you're likely to get a few inches of suspension lift before the suspension parts as equipped from the factory will begin to reach their limits. Ball joints and stock upper and lower control arms are only meant to work within certain parameters. Soon, you'll have to do something about the truck not being able to be aligned, or you're going to be buying tires left and right. In a lowering sense, a lot of these topics also come into play. For one, you'll be limited as to how far down you go because, eventually, you're going to run into that immovable obstacle known as the ground. This looks awesome, but once your truck is planted, how do you plan to use it as anything but a shiny planter for flowers?

We can't think of one person who wouldn't like to take their truck with them every chance they have, so the best response to this question is adjustable suspension. Whether you choose to adjust the ride height of your truck using airbags, hydraulics, or a combination of the two, there are a million products out there to make doing the job easier, safer, and more reliable. The only hard part is finding out what the best stuff out there is and who has it. That's where our 2003 Suspension Buyer's Guide comes in. We've assembled some of the greatest names in the lifted and lowered suspension aftermarket and put them all in one place to make customizing your truck's suspension as simple as browsing the Internet or making a few phone calls. It's up to you, but whatever route you take, do it safely and do it well!