Mr. Mojo Risin'

Lincoln Electric's latest Viking 3350 auto-darkening series welding helmets feature top-quality LCD optics for a clear, natural view even in different light settings. The solar-powered helmets are ideal for stick, TIG, and MIG flux-cored welding as well as gouging and grinding purposes. The new Viking helmets are available in a standard black finish and several additional full graphic styles such as the pictured Mojo.

Belt Bliss

The Seatbelt Superstore offers every type of seatbelt, buckle style, or any anchor system you'll ever need. Chose your length and color options in many pushbutton, lift-latch, and retro lap-belt styles.

Helping Hand

GOJO's Hand Medic professional skin conditioner has been specially formulated to meet the harsh demands of pro technicians. Rub some on before talking a dirty jobs or after handwashing to help maintain the skin's natural protective barrier. Don't worry about smelling like a flower after - the Hand Medic formulais a scent-free and is non-greasy.